6 Simple Steps For New Field Reps: 

Step #1 - Familiarize yourself with Life's Abundance Products - CLICK HERE 

Life's Abundance has over 60 premium products for dogs, cats, and even humans! You'll gain familiarity over time, but it's helpful to get a lay of the land right away.  

Step #2 - Check out the Compensation Plan - CLICK HERE

If math is your thing, then you're going to love this. If any part is unclear, we're happy to walk you through it. 

Step #3 - Use our simple Email System that yields HUGE RESULTS!

This is the most strategic thing we do! 88% of our puppy customers continuing on Life's Abundance Nutrition, and you will get similar results simply by using the following emails. Download them to your own files and edit any content to make them fit with your breeding program. Make sure to connect every Life's Abundance hyperlink to your Life's Abundance replicator site. Click on each email to see how the communication system works. 

  • Just Born

  • Week 1

  • Week 2 - Includes Life's Abundance ordering information to help educate them early on in the process.

  • Week 3

  • Week 4 - Includes a very helpful Food Cost Comparison video

  • Week 5 - Walks them through placing their first Life's Abundance order. * Make sure to include this communication.

  • Week 6

  • Week 7

Step #4 - Place a Nutrition Tab on your Website - CLICK HERE

A Nutrition tab is a great way to help your customers learn more about Life's Abundance.  Above is a link to the information we include, and it's yours to use.  If you would like to see how we have laid it out on our website, click HERE.

Step #5 - Include Life's Abundance in your Health Guarantee - CLICK HERE

We include Life's Abundance in our 3-Year Health Guarantee and we get no push back. Because so many preventable illnesses are related to poor nutrition, we want to encourage optimal health for a lifetime. Now before you get too nervous, 88% of our puppy parents choose to continue on Life's Abundance and they are grateful for a safe, high-quality recommendation. Take a look at a sample contract by clicking on the link above, and feel free to use something similar.

Step #6 - Become Familiar With Your Replicator Site

Your Life's Abundance Replicator Site is your online business. It's an exact copy of their website, but it is attached to your Field Rep account. Everyone who places an order on it becomes your customer for life.  Don't worry, our email communication system takes care of directing them to your site for their orders! Your Replicator Site also has a back office where you can view customer orders and watch your monthly income grow.  Let's get you up to speed by watching the video below.

You're first paycheck is just around the corner!

Let's get you up and running with a duplicatable system that will help you successfully recommend Life's Abundance products to your valued customers.